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All calls are recorded & cost £1.50 per minute, plus your phone provider's access charge. (18+). For entertainment purposes only. SP: InverOak, Customer service Number 0161 796 2029

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Pay on your credit/debit card 0800 035 6725

Credit Card calls cost £32.95 for 20 minutes, subsequent minutes charged at £1.50. All calls are recorded. You must be 18 or over, be the bill payer, or have the bill payers permission to use this service. For entertainment purposes only. SP: InverOak, Customer service Number 0161 796 2029.

Angel Card Readings

Angel readings are typically very positive and enlightening experiences which involve one of our experienced and friendly psychic readers connecting spiritually to your angels or spirit guides.
You do not need to be religious to have an angel reading, in fact angel readings are ideal for anyone at all who wishes to communicate with another spiritual realm and receive messages.

You may receive personal messages which can only relate to you and this can be a very enlightening and positively emotional experience. It is thought that everyone has an angel who looks over you in life and this is who the reader will try and connect with through the reading.

The psychic conducting the angel reading may also use a variety of techniques to help with communicating with the other world. They may use tarot cards or clairvoyance as means of connection.
Our clients decide to have angel readings for a variety of reasons; some find it a beneficial and uplifting experience which is ideal at a moment in life that requires direction or reassurance. Others use angel readings to help them make decisions in regards to love and relationship advice. Some others are simply curious to connect with their angels who watch over them and guide them.