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Nightstar Psychics Feedback

Felt I needed another reading with Lydia. She was so good before at describing the situation. This time she put it into perspective for me. Could be just a phase this relationship is going through and needs to get it out of his system. She reckons it won’t make any bad differences to the way we feel together. Things should begin to happen in a few months hopefully. Thankyou |Lydia. xx

I love having a reading with Lydia. She is so quick to focus on things going on around me. Have to stay positive she says as was said before and even play a bit hard to get at times! Enjoyed the reading and highly recommend Lydia. I only hope my wait for prediction won’t be toooo long! Patience is needed I think and I have been getting impatient which is not surprising. I want to believe that Lydia is correct and will let her know. Will update at some time. Thankyou Lydia and bless you …xxx

Always a fantastic reading gave predictions which already started to come true. Give Lydia call u won’t be disappointed. Excellent. Thanks will call again..xx
jbabbb123 on 21/02/2012 21:09

Thank you so much Lydia, like I said to you yesterday that I feel so much better from just talking to you. You’ve made me see that I am worth so much more and I will build my confidence back up and when he does knock on my door like you said, I will have the confidence to say no thank you!! I can’t wait! I will definitely be calling you again x Lynne
lkd1103 on 19/01/2012 11:09

Another fantastic reading with Lydia today id say she is the best on here! you won’t be disappointed gives predictions tells you how it is in a lovely funny way really. You don’t have to say anything it all just flows. Thanks will be in touch again thanks Joxx
jbabbb123 on 11/01/2012 14:15

thank you Lydia for a good reading not what I wanted to hear but I know I have to move on and see how I feel next March. You have helped me as some psychics have said I would back be with him January and I would have waiting for this. You are so good dee x
dee0808 on 22/12/2011 11:24

Love having a reading with Lydia. She is so down to earth in what she tells you. I do have to be more open next year and hope that all will turn out as I am hoping it will. I have certainly been patient. Thankyou and bless xxx
Cristine on 13/12/2011 17:06

Thanks for today Lydia, I felt I needed to speak to you and I came away feeling positive and uplifted. Your readings are always so positive and also spot on. You picked up on both my situation and my sons, thank you I will be in touch again soon Angie x
angie47 on 23/11/2011 12:45

“Would like to say big thank you for another fab reading, always spot on with messages from loved ones.”
Harriet, Wakefield

“Thanks John, a good reading talked about my Mums illness, my love life and messages from my Dad including telling me about my stickling dish washer. Bless you John.”
Jane, Braintree

“Had a reading with John, he is a brilliant reader. My grand parents came through. John confirmed to me I would get the job I had applied for, and guess what? Yes, found out today that I got the job! I am waiting for the rest to unfold, which I’m sure it will. Thank you John, I will be speaking to you again.”
Rose, Cheshire

“I have just had a second reading it was brilliant. I am psychic myself but can’t do my own readings; ……described my son exactly how he was. I will definitely phone again.”
Del, Wales

“John gave me a thorough and insightful reading. He is one of the best mediums I have called. He passed messages from those in spirit giving me proof, which was amazing. Thank you so much for a wonderful reading. I will definitely be keeping in touch with John.”
Gina, London

“I just had a reading from John. He was amazing, I have had quite a few readings, but he really stood out, confirmed quite of a lot for me and described my family relatives exactly. Great reading John! Thank you, will definitely recommend!”
Suzanne, Bristol

“I’ve just had a reading with Jim (3151), he has blown me away with his reading – fantastic. His reading was so true!”
Claire from Essex

“Thank you for yet another wonderful reading, you told me I would have two job offers, I did and have now taken up new employment like you said, as for my personal life there has been a great improvement as you predicted, although it still amazes me how you could see so much I will certainly be phoning you again, thank you once again, Michelle”
Michelle from Kent

“Hi guys, just had a reading from Karen . She was spot on about my life and gave me great hope for the future – thanks you’re a star.”
Margaret, Derry

“Karen… just had an amazing reading again with Karen, she is so gifted, all her readings are 100%… she has a following now with my friends and family. I won’t have a reading with anyone else; it’s so good to connect with such a gifted reader. Again many thanks.”
Trudie from Devon

“I just wanted to say how great Karen has been with her readings. I am totally gobsmacked what she has picked up and how her predictions have come true. Excellent reader.”
Angela from West Midlands

“Had a reading with Jeanne, very warm and friendly approach – confirmed things that have been said previously, definitely a link.”
Gilly, Essex

“My reading with Jeannie was amazing and well spot on. Her advice was very helpful. Thanks”
Nick, Cardiff

“I just had a reading with Jeannie, and I wanted to say thank you. It was really insightful and inspiring.”
Susan, Poole

“I had a reading with Jenni and she has helped me come to terms more with a very painful time in my past. Thanks Jenni”
Janet, Bromley

“Jenni was amazing! She picked up immediately on his personality and was a delight to chat with. I will be calling again!”
Veronica from Manchester

“Just had to say I had a reading with Jenni last week, the information she gave me from my nearest and dearest in spirit left me speechless. I now feel I can face the world once more. Thank you once more Jenni.”
Lynn from Telford

“I’m amused to hear things that I didn’t expect to hear, and I believe is true. Krystal was so friendly. This was my first call but I promise to call again to tell you how true it was. Really nice experience!”
Karem, Horley

“I would like to say I had a reading with Martyn last week, although I have had a few readings with excellent readers over time, Martyn was so honest in everything he told me, and very understanding that I felt a lot better than I have in a while. Thank you again.”
Pat, Liverpool

“Just had a reading with Martyn for the 7th time, he is amazing: calm, honest and positive….bless you.”
T from London